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Utah’s Soft Water Conditioning System of Choice

You may be wondering how one water softener can soften water better than another, but it’s a fact: Kinetico water softeners soften water better in three important ways.


1. Zero maintenance

You’ll never again be stuck in the basement trying to reprogram that irritating computer control—because Kinetico doesn’t use electronics or even electricity. Our patented all-mechanical design gets the job done using the natural flow of your household water, nothing more. That means it’s unaffected by power outages, power surges, water use changes, vacations, and everything else that finicky electronics can’t handle. It also means you’ll save a bundle in repairs, because there are no electronics for water and salt to corrode.

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2. 70 percent LESS salt

Kinetico needs just one bag of salt for every three that other softeners burn through. That’s because a Kinetico softener regenerates based on actual water use; its exclusive design features a much more efficient countercurrent regeneration system; and it regenerates using soft instead of hard water. Imagine all the salt you won’t be paying for and lugging in from the car.

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3. Optimally soft water 24/7

Here’s a common complaint about most water softeners: They’re inconsistent. It’s soft water one day, then suddenly hard water the next—even when there’s salt in the tank—and then it’s days before you have soft water again. That never happens with Kinetico. Our patented dual-tank design guarantees (in writing!) a continuous, uninterrupted supply of soft water, 24/7.

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Consumer Digest's Certified Best Buy


Kinetico named Consumers Digest “Best Buy”

“The publication analyzed systems based on their capacity, construction quality, salt usage and warranty and awarded the Kinetico 2030s and like models the Best Buy designation. … According to Consumers Digest, the Kinetico 2030s, 2060s and 2100s have exceptional value in today’s marketplace”



The best water softener in the industry bar none, plus perfect friendly service …

… and follow up to make sure you are happy. My water has never been better and we use a lot less salt than the other systems. My back and pocket book are very happy! So is my wife. Plus Monte is fantastic to work with. Highly recommend!

– Daniel B.

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Beth and Dave Kihm


Your customer service is commendable, especially in these days where customer service is very lacking. We’ll definitely recommend your company to anyone we know…

– Beth and Dave Kihm

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